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The artwork and slide should be provided by the client.
The specs for the slides are: JPEG Format, RGB, 1058x794 Pixels, 72DPI

For additional information contact:

Video Material Requirements

Clapperboard ArubaCommercials must be made in: Apple Final Cut Pro


  • Codecs: H264 1080 24fps
  • Audio: for multichannel audio (5.1) use seperate WAV files

DCP Image Format

The images shall be compressed with JPEG2000 ACTIVE IMAGE ONLY per the DCI specification and shall have the following attributes:
4:4:4 12 bits per sample, X'Y'Z' color space, DCI-P3 Color gamut Image sizes:

  • 2K scope: 2048 x 858
  • 2K flat: 1998 x 1080
  • 4K scope: 4096 x 1716
  • 4K flat: 3996 x 2160

DCP Audio Format

The audio files shall have the following attributes:

  • Files must be in reels matching the image file reels
  • The sampling clock rate shall be exactly 48,000.000 Hz or 48 KHz at exactly 24 fps
  • Reference level shall be -20dbfs

DCP Format

The DCP files shall be wrapped using the MXF Interop for DCI. The DCP shall consist of the following types of files:

  • Assetmap
  • Vol Index
  • Packing List (PKL)
  • Composition Playlist (CPL)s
  • MXF Wrapped image track file(s)
  • MXF Wrapped audio track file(s)
    • The image and audio files shall be in sync. Image files shall be wrapped from the JPEG2000 compressed image files or equivalent. Audio files shall be wrapped for 5.1 sound with the following channel assignments:

      • Channel 1-Left
      • Channel 2-Right
      • Channel 3-Center
      • Channel 4-LFE
      • Channel 5-Left Surround
      • Channel 6-Right Surround

      If two (2) channels of sound (Stereo-LtRt) are required, a separate CPL shall be used within the same DCP.

      For additional information contact: /

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